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Zombie Movies

I was half watching this zombie movie, not that I’m a huge fan of them or even a fan of the horror genre. I was in couch potato mode and channel surfing. When the movie got to the point where survivors are sleeping in a house and the zombies start lurching over the hill, I started wondering.

Why is it in all, most, zombie movies, the people in them act like they’ve never saw a zombie movie? Why don’t they barricade the house to keep zombies out? And in this particular movie, they kept a zombie in house, tied up. You know that’s never going to end up well. And it didn’t. That may be the point though.

You’d think that someone might go: You know, in the movie this happened and maybe we should safeguard ourselves by….

It’s like this one Geico commercial where a group of people are running from the monster/killer and keep running to the places you shouldn’t go. “Let’s hide behind the chain saws.” “Let’s go to the cemetery.” And they dismiss the best option of driving off in the car with the keys in the ignition.

It’d be nice to see a movie where they do all the right things. Throw all zombies out of the shelter. Make it zombie proof. Maybe download the recommendations of the CDC about what to do in a zombie apocalypse. (It really exists. Check it out.) That might be a boring movie, but I’d find it interesting. It’d be a like a ‘how-to’ movie on surviving in a Zombie world.


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This is something I find disappointing about libraries. You get hooked on an author, but the books you want to read, they don’t have. Or, you get hooked on a series and they don’t have the others in it. I suppose this could be a plot to get one to go out and buy the books. Which I have done and will probably do again once I get more funds in. Except sometimes I forget the author or series. That’s a real pain. Or maybe it’s a good thing. If I can’t remember it, I can’t want it. Only I remember bits of it and I want to read the book(s).

For example, I read a book by an author who’s last is Hughes. I think. The book is set in Liverpool during WWII. She’s written another book. I think it’s Hero on a Bicycle. I want to read it. Then I read another book, a biography, set in WWII. There are three in the series. I only read the first one and I want to read the rest. That’s three books I want to read that I can’t my hands on.

I really need to write these authors and titles down and keep my eyes open for them.

Unfortunately some are hard to get. Like Ivan Southall, an Australian writer. I’ve read two books from him, I own one, and they are really good. You can’t even tell they were written years and years ago. These I actively searched for, but they are not easy to get. The only ones I could find were the ones I read.

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By sheer luck, I spotted an old favorite movie was going to be playing on TCM. It was one of those movies that used to air once a year as a big event. Like The Wizard of Oz used to be. I remember how my dad brought up the TV upstairs so we could see it in bed. Back then my sister and I shared a bedroom.

Then we moved to Germany and no more Wizard of Oz, but they aired annual movies too like Karl May’s Old Shatterhand and Winitou. You may not have heard of these movies, but they were/are very popular in Germany. We were glued to the TV when that series came on.

The movie TCM showed was Sissi a movie about the Empress of Austria who died young. There are three movies in the series and they showed all, but I only saw the first one because watching three in a row is a little much for me.

To tell the truth, I didn’t mean to watch the whole movie. I thought that over the years my perception of it would have changed and it’d be kind of boring. It’s happened before to other former favorite movies. But to my surprise it was just as good as before. And in color! (We had black and white TVs until well into the 1980’s). I can see why I liked it. It was funny. There was romance.

I was a bit sad I wouldn’t be watching the other movies, but I know my the third film I’d be boo-hooing because of the sad ending.

I’d recommend this movie to anyone who loves princesses. It was made in the 1950’s. And it’s in German with English subtitles so if you don’t like those, you might want to skip it. Otherwise, this is one of those movies that’s pretty much timeless.

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My mom got shingles. It started with a blister and I didn’t think anything of it until the second and third one came. It once again made me realize I would never made a good nurse. This is too gooey and ooey and, as it turns out, I don’t like touching people too much.

She’d had the shingles before, but it was different. How different I can’t say because it was years ago, before they came out with the Shingles vaccine. It’s my understanding once you’ve had shingles, you can’t get the shot. I am so going to get it.

My sister asked about the shot. She told the doctor she never had chickenpox. I got all the diseases – mumps, measles, and chickenpox, but I only got mild versions of them. My sister may have gotten one of them, also mild. She didn’t even get the measles when she was exposed to it. The doctor did not believe her when she told her that.

For the shingles there is a medicine and one takes it five times a day, for seven days. Of course I had to work out that meant Mom got a shot every four hours and forty-eight minutes. I made every four hours and forty-five minutes because it was easy to compute. I made a chart. Because that’s what I do. To make sure she gets the pill, I have to get up around 3 in the morning. I don’t do getting up at night well, but I’ll do it.

Thank goodness for cell phones, though. I can program an alarm for the entire day and that why I won’t forget. Mom insists it doesn’t matter so much and she should be able to sleep during the night. But she’s stuck with me so that means she’s going to get that pill on time. I want her to get well.

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The city is demolishing a public housing complex near downtown. Before being torn down, they allowed two days for people to come by and tour the place, past residents as well as the public. I’d driven by quite a number of times. It’s often reminded me of places I’ve grown up in, military housing.

Being curious of what the apartments, townhouses, looked like, I went. The brick buildings stood silent. Weeds and flowers grew from the cracks in the sidewalks. The buildings were empty of the life that once surged in them. Talking to someone, I found out they’d been built in the 1940’s. The exteriors sure didn’t show their age.

Some of the doors were open for visitors to walk in. I stepped in. Directly ahead, as one entered, steep stairs led upward. To one side was the living room, an old heating unit exposed.

As I walked through the small rooms, I found myself treating the apartments reverently, thinking of those who used to live here. These were someone’s home.

It kind of gave me a bit of peace, as if being able to say goodbye again to the past homes that I will never, can’t ever, see again. Where I used to live in Fort Bragg is long gone. The townhomes in New Jersey are slated for the wrecking ball, if they haven’t been already torn down. The places in Germany have been remodeled several times over and now lived in by others than American. Even if I go to see them, it won’t be the same.

Other places, the ones I’ve lived in more recently, I don’t think twice about, but those from my childhood hold a special place. Strange


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Books at Garage Sales

I used to find oodles of books at garage sales. Stacks of them. Paperbacks. Hardbacks. That’s one reason why I go to them, to find books for my Mom who’s really picky about her books. This was an inexpensive way for me to get her something to read and they’re great as presents.

But that’s changed over the years. I’ve come across less and less of them. This past year I’ve maybe gotten five books for her. It’s sad. What was even sadder was one lady was giving them away because she said no one wants them and she uses her kindle now. Okay, it wasn’t bad for me as I got books free, but the thought that the value of books was so diminished is a pretty depressing statement for readers.

Maybe it was just a bad book selling year? I don’t know. I had luck at a garage sale event I mentioned in my last post, finding all those children books. The seller was a librarian though. I wish other people valued books more.

Or maybe they’re keeping them?

Who knows. I’ll just hope to see more books out there and not the icky, brown-edged, curled corner kind that have languished in the attic for years. I’ve seen people try to sell those for a dollar a piece. Ugh.

With this year garage sales running out, I’ll be on the look out next year.

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Garage Sales: The Big Grab

Every year there is an 85 mile garage sale near where I live. It’s called the Big Grab. The route is 85 miles long, but it’s not side-by-side garage sales. Sometimes you have to drive a bit. It being on Friday and Saturday, I went both days for about two hours. I had to be home by 9 am so I couldn’t linger. With the weather cool, I thought I’d like to stay out longer, but as it turned out, two hours was enough for me.

I’d wanted to take my Mom, but these garage sales are not conducive for walkers or wheelchairs, especially transport chairs, which is what she has. That’s like a wheelchair, but with four small wheels. I got that because she can’t propel herself and I can lift it in and out of the car easier.

As always, I had my list of what I wanted this year. A keyboard for my computer because my good one went on the fritz. Drawing supplies because apparently I can’t have enough. Books for my mother. Last year I hit a good spot and I hoped to hit it again. I didn’t. But, I did roll into one place, hidden behind trees, and out in the country, where someone was selling boxes of children’s books. I’d hit the mother lode.

I was first told I could get five books for a dollar. That was fine with me. I could afford that. Or, I could get a bag of books for three dollars. Even better. I got a bag. Or, a box of books for five dollars. The best deal.

I went through every box digging out the upper grade books, fiction, but scooping up a few nonfiction as well. Box pretty much full, I paid and left. I can’t even tell you what else they sold. My eyes were all on the books.

The was pretty much all I got this weekend. The next day the sellers were mostly vendors that did this for a living. Still, I was pleased.

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