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My ankle is finally getting better, thank you. I got worried for awhile because it kept feeling numb and I couldn’t go without wearing the brace. Finally, I told my doctor who got me an appointment with an orthopedic doctor. It’s a rather pain to have to go that route, see your regular doctor in order to go to a specialist. But, c’est la vie.

I go to the specialist. They look at my foot. I’m thinking like nerve damage, surgery, and all sorts of bad. Nope, it’s doing fine and it’ll take awhile to heal all the way. Ditch the brace and do the exercises. So I do. Before, when I forewent the brace, my foot went all tingly and numb. The day after the doctor visit, it was fine. No problems. Even the exercises didn’t bother my foot. It could have done that earlier. It’s like it needed to hear it from a professional to feel better. And there went a hundred plus bucks fluttering in the wind to pay for something I really didn’t need.

Still, on the bright side, I now know nothing is really wrong with it. I will do my exercises and be happy it wasn’t worse. And this should be it for my ankle.


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Cinnamon Mint

I’m seriously considering getting Linux Cinnamon Mint for an operating system when it’s time to get a new (used) laptop/netbook. I just wish there was an easier way to find out more about it.

I’m hoping my netbook will last still awhile. It has Windows 7 on it, which I like. I don’t want Windows 10. Call me old school, a luddite, or whatever, but I tend to do a lot of work not connected to the Internet. If I’m writing, I don’t need the Internet and if I have a question, I consult one of my books or see if the library has something, or I can wait a bit before using the Internet to find my answer. More often than not, the answer is not there or not complete. Everything is not on the Internet.

But, let’s go back to Linux. For one, there are so many versions I can find one I like and I don’t have to contend with Windows 10. It’s not as susceptible as Windows to viruses and that. That’s good because I probably have one or two on my netbook even thought my virus checker says there isn’t. It can handle the software I like – LibreOffice, GIMP, etc.

The downside, it might not handle some of the older software I have. I have to research that part still. But Windows doesn’t like them either. Even with Windows 8, I can’t use some of my software. My scanner doesn’t work 100% and I can’t use the software that came with my MP3 player (over ten years old and still going!).

I have to find someone who uses it and talk to them, someone in person. Someone who can be a mentor as I go through the process. Or maybe I’ll just leap in. I’ve gotten as far as picking out the distro I want, but I have gotten as far as leaping into the water yet. Will keep people updated.

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Donuts, Geese, and Me

I was walking back home from someone who’d given me two donuts, Krispy Kremes. My mother loves donuts and I meant to give her the chocolate glazed, cream filled one to her for breakfast. The strawberry glazed one with sprinkles, I’d eat later. Maybe for lunch.

I wasn’t far from the house and when I rounded a corner, I caught sight of a gaggle of geese, seven I think. There’s a pond nearby and we see them occasionally. The lead goose took a step my way. Knowing they can get aggressive, I tried to plan my route to avoid them, but it looked as if they wanted to wander across the street, but hadn’t quite made up their minds. I stopped to wait and see what they’ll do.

The lead goose opened his mouth. I anticipated a hiss and the head bob that means ‘This is a warning. Leave!’ Instead, feet slapping on the pavement, it headed toward me. And so did the others.

Was this a mass attack? On me. And the donuts.

Donuts. It suddenly occurred to me that they might know I was carrying food. The person who used to live in the house in front of which I stood, used to throw bread out for birds. The geese didn’t want me. They wanted my donuts! Well, they weren’t getting them. Mama loves her donuts. She gives me hints whenever she wants one.

I barreled past the goose and his/her friends/family, and rushed home, donuts safe in my hands.

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Sci Fi Magazines

Recently I was looking up information on new science fiction movies and t.v. shows. My go to place is the Internet, of course, but it always leaves me missing the hey day of science fiction magazines of the 1970’s – 1990’s.

Starlog. Anyone remember Starlog? I subscribed to that one and have nearly every issue. The past issues are free on-line now. It quit publishing right when the first Wolverine movie came out. I was looking forward to that one too.

Starlog kept me up-to-date with all the new movies and shows. I knew the directors, the special effects artists, the writers. Now? I sigh that I know so few of the modern names in science fiction. Even though I look on line, it’s just not the same. There are little boxes with pictures and text to click on and read about this and that, but no interviews and it seems so random.

Starlog wasn’t the only magazine I subscribed to, only I forgot the name of the other magazine and since it’s in storage somewhere can’t look it up. It started out different, not pandering to the movies, talking them up. If a movie wasn’t to par, it said that. And I appreciated it because some movies are not all that great.

Other magazines I got at second hand book stores. Star Burst, Cineflex, SciFi Now, Empire, Space Wars, etc. But no Fangoria, I don’t care for horror. If you do, this is a good one.

I suppose I’ll get rid of these magazines one day, but not in the near future. Even if they are old, I’m going to read them over and over again and wish they were still published.

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After a bit on the news about mosquitoes, an ad came on for Advantage for dogs. It got me wondering. If they make something for pets so they don’t get bitten by mosquitoes and ticks, why can’t they do that for people? The talk about an explosion of tick numbers this year has got me anxious about walking in the wild. No  way do I want to lyme disease and there’s an even worse thing you can get from ticks. I don’t want to be scared from going out hiking.

Mosquitoes are bad too. About a year ago, I went to a county park. They  have a walkway in the trees and it’s really cool. Afterwards I walked along the river. I’d put bug spray on, but, by the time I was half-way through, I was nearly running to get away from the mosquitoes. Forget about taking a picture, which I did. The moment I stopped I had almost a visible wall of mosquitoes around me.

Aiken State Park, which is a really neat place, was bad as well. The Edisto River runs through it. It’s the longest black-water river in the U.S. The ‘black’ refers to the color leeched into by the cypress trees. My face got all bitten. Guess I forgot that spot.

Anyway, wouldn’t it be nice if there was an Advantage for people? We could all flock outside again and frolic in the wild, roll in the meadows, and visit the swampiest place on Earth with no fear.

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People keep telling me sprains take a long time to heal. It’s been over a month now and I want it back to normal. Nope, got to wait a bit longer. Two months or more depending on the severity. I’ve got to clomp around in a cloth brace. That’s better than a moon-boot I suppose, but in summer SC, any added bit of clothing article is too much. Even on your foot. Every day I think, okay, tomorrow I can ditch the thing and then my ankle hurts a bit so it’s on for another day.

I’ve taken to wearing one of my shoes and one of my Dad’s. He wasn’t a large man so his shoe fits me and the brace almost perfectly. I’m sure I get some weird looks, but who cares? It works. I can walk. Now if only I can do my daily walking exercises. I miss  them. And I don’t miss them. The time I used for walking is now re-appropriated to drawing lessons from a book and to my writing. What’s not bad about that? I’ve been able to write more. I’ve finished a story and written two (very) short stories and am working on a Christmas one. I’ve not written a new one in the while and I’m excited about this one.

Back to the ankle. According to the x-ray, a ligament tore a bit of bone off and that’s causing some of the trouble. It’s better than having the ligament torn and needing surgery. I’ll have to take what I can get. As long as it gets better soon so I can continue my photo trips. Since I’m walking better, with no limping and no pain, that should be soon.

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Jury Duty

Mom got a letter on Friday directing her to a magistrate court for jury duty. It’s the second letter for jury duty in the last six months. A picture of my mother sitting in the jury box in her LayZ Boy recliner popped in my head. Sweater. A blanket over her lap. Another blanket over her feet. She’d sit there, chin down, asleep. With a start she’d wake up and say:Don’t forget to tighten the lid so the water doesn’t come out. With her, when she wakes, dreams slide into the real world for a few moments. It takes getting used to.On Monday, I’ll call the office and get her excused from jury duty. She figures she’s too old and she’s done her duty.

It wasn’t that long ago I got three summons for jury duty in a six month span. Each was for a different court.  Before then I didn’t even pay attention what was what. My first letter was for a grand jury. You stayed on that for a year, but didn’t meet until there was a case or several. They did not excuse those who worked in school, but I was fine with it even if the school administration wasn’t. Once the officials of the court excused everyone who had excuses, they turned to a lottery. I knew right then and there I wouldn’t be picked, and I wasn’t.

The next time, I had to drive to Charleston, seventy miles away, for Federal Court. It was summer time so I didn’t have to get out of school. I brought my camera to take pictures. They weren’t going to pick me, I just knew it. I wouldn’t have minded because they’d put me in a hotel and I could wander Charleston and take all the pictures I wanted once court closed. I kind of looked forward to it. I sat through three calls for prospective jurors. I didn’t get picked.

The last time I was called was also in the summer. This was the local, county court, a small room, one smaller than the school library. I didn’t get picked either and it wasn’t like there were a lot of people to choose from.


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