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While sitting at the doctor’s office, I read through the ‘Entertainment’ magazine. Seeing that ‘Anne of the Green Gables’ was going to be on television, Netflix I think, I thought cool. Not that I get Netflix now, but, one day. And then I read more. The show would focus on the darker aspects of Anne.



We have to Game of Thrones and Walking Dead Anne of the Green Gables? Why? Why does everything have to have a ‘dark’ side? That pretty much spoiled the whole series for me. A nice, wholesome story every once in a while should be okay.

This pretty much as me gobsmacked. Next thing you know Dennis the Menace is a serial killer and the kids in Family Circus are in rehab.

I will not be watching this.

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Blogging Workshop

This is a test. I’m at a blogging workshop and I just learned something new – how to write a post, but not publish until later. How cool is that? I can certainly use this for later, like when I have several ideas in my head and don’t want to write it twice. Let’s see if it works.

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The story I outlined is going well and moving forward. I don’t know if this is the way other people do it, but the way I’ve outlined, just giving a shaky skeleton is working out fine. I can expand sections, decrease, or omit as I want and, so far, I still want to end the story like I have it planned. Will wait and see.
I have decided that outlining works well when I have a story in mind that has a beginning and end. If I don’t have an end, forget it. I’ve been trying to resurrect one story I started with outlining and am getting nowhere. I won’t give up on this story though because it has great characters, a wonderful setting I want to expand on and a interesting premise. That is the beginning is. I’ll have to wait and see how this goes too.

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You’d think that having a break over the summer I’d get quite a bit of writing done. I wish. Still I am moving forward if not at a quick a pace as I do over the rest of the year when I am squeezed for time. Instead of writing on my manuscript, I am working on my holiday journal of Arkansas. Right now I’m still on Wednesday, but that’s okay. I am on the third edit of my New York trip and I’ve edited all the pictures except for the Pawnee Kitty and Angus ones. My Hadrian’s Wall trip journal, Pawnee Kitty’s rather, is moving along nicely. I think this will be the best one yet. I’ve decided that for my 2015 trip Blurb book I’ll do Peru. Not sure after that.
One thing I’ve done that I haven’t in years is picked out my Christmas story already and maybe this year it’ll be illustrated again. The last two years I started, but never finished with the pictures. It’d be cool to turn it into a picture book. Maybe.
Now that I have a netbook again I can start writing stories on it. I’ve already started on a Dear Hamish letter that deals with those two naughty twins (who save the day no less) and a children’s story.

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Over the summer we’re heading back to Table Rock State Park. My nephew is not keen on keen on coming along. He’ll be bored. There’s nothing to do. All his friends are in San Antonio. He can’t connect to the Internet there. He doesn’t like reading. Sometimes I think he was switched at birth. Or maybe he’s a throwback to my Oma. She thought reading was a waste of time. Everyone else has their nose in a book whenever they can. Library hour.

I’m thinking of ways of making him less bored. He’s become interested in photography and wants a digital SLR camera. If we can get him one before June then maybe he won’t be so bored. I thought, hey, animation! I’ve already done a bit with Pawnee Kitty going after a buffalo using Movie Maker.

I checked out Movie Maker on my netbook. It’s now Windows Live Movie Maker. Words cannot describe my utter disappointment with it. It used to be so cool! Now it is only a shell of itself and a miserable one at that. I think you need Internet connection to use it properly. Darn cloud. Not everyone can connect whenever they want.

At work I checked out my options. The older movie maker is for XP only, but others say you can download it to Windows 7. What about Starter 7? As soon as I get a connection, I’ll try it. I’ll let you know what happens.

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New Year, New Goals

Okay, so some of these are old goals, but maybe this year I’ll surpass them.

One goal is to post more to my blog.  I would also like to update it and add more than just posts.  This will first mean that I be more prepared to load something, a post, picture, etc, before I log on.  Lately I’ve been writing on the fly.  Find Wi-Fi point, remember to take netbook, find time to get to Wi-Fi, hope it’s a fast connection, log on, get in, quick write what’s in my head.

If I came more prepared I could back up some of the statements I want to write.  If I said I read this particular article, I want to give the title and author and where I found it.  If I have a statistic or a figure, I want to be able to give the statistic or figure and not an estimate and (underline and) state where I got it from.  Also, it won’t sound like I’m floundering.

I’ve been wanting to write more book reviews.  I’ve read some pretty good books lately and some duds, but by the time I get around to writing them the book has already been returned to the library and I only half remember the author or title.

I was going to write more goals, but I’ll wait for now.  First let me get going with this one.  Also, first let me finish up all my Christmas cards.  When I have that out of the way, I’ll probably feel better about accomplishing this goal.

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I really enjoyed this book. It is about a twelve year girl who runs away to walk the Appalachian trail. Her brother died not long ago and her parents are recently divorced. She feels neglected from all the years her brother was ill. Not a day into the hike, her mother finds her and the two walk together.

I picked this up because the Appalachian trail is something I’m beginning to want to hike and for the story itself, a hurt girl who needs to heal. Adults may wonder how a girl so young and alone manages to get to the trail and start the hike without any adults asking some serious questions, but other then that, it’s quite believable.  The reasons why her brother died isn’t made clear at the beginning of the story, a hook to pull me in. His story is told in bits here and there and makes the story interesting. This is a book I’ll want to read again.

The book doesn’t say if Ms. Baker actually walked the trail, but if she hadn’t, she certainly did her homework.  I would have liked to have known if she had or not.

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