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Snail Mail

As I was deleting texts from my phone, re-reading some of them before they disappeared in the ether forever, I thought: What a pity. It made me remember my days of letter writing, not that I am fond of those because I dislike writing letters. When my grandmother was alive my mother made me write a letter each month and I never knew what to say. It was whatever mundane thing came to mind and the usual – I am fine, how are you. The weather is fine, blah, blah, blah. All this in German, which made it all a little harder. My German grammar was never good.

Years later, when my sister went to Korea for her job, I said I’d write a lot and regretted it because I am really a lousy letter writer. Then I thought: I’ll pretend the cats are writing. With that, letter writing became fun.

I still don’t like writing letters, but, I do wish I could read some of what I wrote back then to get a glimpse of what my life was like. I didn’t do diaries or journals except for trip journals. Being able to read a letter from the past would be really interesting.

And here I was deleting texts, and deleting emails. Little bits of my life. Delete. Delete. In the future, what will people be able to figure out about the people of this era? Especially if everything goes digital? One giant electo-magnetic pulse and it’s all gone.



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Dear Hamish,

Thank you for the prezzie! ‘Tis bonney!!! A football signed by the great ‘Smasher’ Hoof. I have put it in view and safe away from paws of all shapes and sizes. I am sorry to hear about the Christmas cracker. Who knew they could explode in one’s face like that. I hope your nose is better now after being singed. And you’re correct, ‘tis reasonable to think the twins were behind this.

Now, me Christmas. I got plenty of food items including hay, oats, grains and the like. All very tasty. The twins knitted me a tam with Christmas trees on it and some things I canna tell what. They are either knots or Christmas lights. Heather’s side came out better then Peat’s, as you can see by the photo I sent. I don’t know what the strings are for or the white dots. ‘Tis a bit small and once I get me horns, I won’t be able to wear it anymore. I hope to grow me horns very soon, but so far there’s nary a bump or an itch on the top of me head. I worry sometimes I’ll never get them and then where will all the potential sweeties go? No ewe wants a ram with no horns.

Pawnee Kitty’s bunch came to spend the holidays or whatever. They don’t really celebrate, but enjoy the goings-on. Me one foot rule is working although waking up and finding them sitting close by, staring at me, purring, is a bit unnerving. They pat their paws together and hug themselves as if hugging me.

I was glad when they wandered off to wherever they live, only I still had to contend with Pawnee Kitty. She launched me into the Christmas tree. As I dangled there from a limb, she tossed tinsels and ornaments at me yelling: Don’t let it drop! I’ll be right there! Hey, you dropped some tinsel! Like sheep climb ‘round trees as if we’re monkeys. Me mood dinna got better when she smelled food and hurried off to get her share and then forgot about me. For hours. The person had to rescue me. If the tree had been real and not a fake one, I may have had to eat part of it.

That’s is all for now. Me scones are done and I wish to partake, besides the smells attract Pawnee.

Your friend,

Angus. McSheep.

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There are days in which everything goes wrong. Such is the case for Ophelia Delphinimu Fidgets. She’s a fairy. Her job title is Granter. As in granter of wishes. Except there are more granters than wishes granted due to a low supply of magic, so her chance of doing her job is pretty low. On this fateful day, there are only twelve wishes to be granted. And Ophelia is going to be able to grant a wish. She only has to find the coin used, sprinkle the magic dust on it, say the words and it’s done.
That is, before her day goes spiraling down the drain into the worse day ever.

I love this book. I loved the whole modern take on fairies and how they granted wishes. And I’m not much of a fairy fan. The book sucked me right in and gave me a ride through poor Ophelia’s ordeal. With everything she goes through, it makes one wonder – will she ever grant the wish.

Mr. Anderson really got it right with the animals, capturing their essence in the way they talk. The geese are snappy. Sam, the dog, is wonderful. I pictured him in my head, mouth open, tongue, out, tail a’wagging, eyes bright. I am Sam. I am a hero. He’s good at everything he says, all eager, even when he hasn’t a clue what it is he’s supposed to be good at. The cat is great even if he only has a small part.

Whether you like fairies, animals, or want to read a good adventure book. This is a good one.

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Audio Book Ads

In the past months, I’ve seen ads on TV for audio books. Which is pretty cool. People stroll around with happy faces as they listen to books. It’s nice to see those enjoying literature. The thing I have trouble with is where these people are – in pretty, scenic places. Like, there’s a man on the beach, staring out at the ocean. As much as I like books, I’d prefer to listen to the ocean roll in and hear the gulls overhead. Then there’s the shriek of children having fun.

Then there’s the person walking or jogging, I forgot, and I thought of how, when I walk early in the morning, I don’t start listening to music until there’s a lull in the singing of the birds. It’s so nice to listen to them, trying to spot the bird up high in the tree.

When I went to walk Hadrian’s wall one year, I brought along music to listen as I hiked. I only turned it on when I was at the hotel. I couldn’t bear not listening to the local sounds even if it was mostly cows and sheep. There’s just something about listening to nature be it the babble of the brook or a bird in the forest. Or even the wind through the branches in the forest.

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