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The rock group Scar Boys reflect on their rise to success after a band member, Johnny, has been hit by a car. It’s a rough time and only gets worse when secrets within the band grow. But there are good times too as the band gets more popular. The festering secrets, though, may tear it all apart.

This is a sequel to Scar Boys, but it can read as a stand alone. This is a realistic portrayal of teens struggling to live with what life has dealt them. Such as how Cheyenne and her family has a secret that pushes her away from the band members and how Johnny deals with a loss.

Even though the clues were all there, I was still blindsided with the climax of the story. I had to go back and check and wonder how I missed the clues. Reading through the second time was just as good as the first time.

I really liked how it ended and how everything is explained, why things happened, even though one really know the real ‘why’.

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Star Trek and Good Sci Fi

I am trying to entertain my Mom and part of that is searching for good science fiction shows to binge watch on. Although for us, binge watching is seeing one show a day. I’ve tried other genres, but Mom prefers science fiction, but not all science fiction. We started on a favorite, Gerry Anderson’s UFO. There was only one season of it, which is sad. After watching the whole series, I found it’s really stood up over time; the last episodes in particular are good. It was made 1969 or 1970 so some of it is dated, but not a whole lot. It’s about a secret organization SHADO that is fighting an alien invasion.

From that we moved on to SeaQuest, from the 1990’s. Mom liked this a lot too. This is three seasons long, but we could only get the first one, which is the best one. It’s set in the future when mankind has settled in the oceans as well as the continents. A submarine, the Seaquest, is on a mission of exploration, but also has to settle incidents.

I tried a few others, like Sliders, but those weren’t appreciated so I ended up with Star Trek: Enterprise. I have to say I don’t know why I hadn’t gotten this one earlier, because I, and Mom, like it. There are days when she says: that’s it? It’s too short. Sometimes we’ll watch another episode, but I don’t want to go through them that quick because I have no idea what to get next. We’re on season 2 now. With the start of the new tv series, I’ll be able to stretch out season 3. Maybe next it’ll be Star Trek (the original series) and Star Trek The Next Generation. Mom didn’t like the others.

She wants to see Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. I may have to get it for her for Christmas.

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My ankle is finally getting better, thank you. I got worried for awhile because it kept feeling numb and I couldn’t go without wearing the brace. Finally, I told my doctor who got me an appointment with an orthopedic doctor. It’s a rather pain to have to go that route, see your regular doctor in order to go to a specialist. But, c’est la vie.

I go to the specialist. They look at my foot. I’m thinking like nerve damage, surgery, and all sorts of bad. Nope, it’s doing fine and it’ll take awhile to heal all the way. Ditch the brace and do the exercises. So I do. Before, when I forewent the brace, my foot went all tingly and numb. The day after the doctor visit, it was fine. No problems. Even the exercises didn’t bother my foot. It could have done that earlier. It’s like it needed to hear it from a professional to feel better. And there went a hundred plus bucks fluttering in the wind to pay for something I really didn’t need.

Still, on the bright side, I now know nothing is really wrong with it. I will do my exercises and be happy it wasn’t worse. And this should be it for my ankle.

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Have a worry? Something bothering you? Type it in the Worry Web Site and your classmates will answer. It’s anonymous, but you can guess who wrote what. Samantha always goes on about her father. Holly wants a wicked stepmother. A wicked one will be easier to dislike. Greg has a crush on a girl. Whatever the worry, Mr. Speed, their teacher, hopes to lend a hand.

This is told in a collection of connected short stories. Each chapter is in first person by a different person. All, but one story is by Ms. Wilson. The odd one out was written by a twelve-year-old girl who won a competition. You can’t even tell which one it is, it’s so good. And how cool is that? I thought that was the neatest thing when I read about it.

These stories are all ones that kids can relate to and I love that there is no miracle solution to any of the worries. Just like in real life, things don’t solve that easily.

Jacqueline Wilson is a British author who writes middle grades and young adult fiction. I was on a binge, reading her books like the ‘The Illustrated Mum’ and ‘Candy Floss’, and The Lottie Project. I’d recommend all of them.

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Cinnamon Mint

I’m seriously considering getting Linux Cinnamon Mint for an operating system when it’s time to get a new (used) laptop/netbook. I just wish there was an easier way to find out more about it.

I’m hoping my netbook will last still awhile. It has Windows 7 on it, which I like. I don’t want Windows 10. Call me old school, a luddite, or whatever, but I tend to do a lot of work not connected to the Internet. If I’m writing, I don’t need the Internet and if I have a question, I consult one of my books or see if the library has something, or I can wait a bit before using the Internet to find my answer. More often than not, the answer is not there or not complete. Everything is not on the Internet.

But, let’s go back to Linux. For one, there are so many versions I can find one I like and I don’t have to contend with Windows 10. It’s not as susceptible as Windows to viruses and that. That’s good because I probably have one or two on my netbook even thought my virus checker says there isn’t. It can handle the software I like – LibreOffice, GIMP, etc.

The downside, it might not handle some of the older software I have. I have to research that part still. But Windows doesn’t like them either. Even with Windows 8, I can’t use some of my software. My scanner doesn’t work 100% and I can’t use the software that came with my MP3 player (over ten years old and still going!).

I have to find someone who uses it and talk to them, someone in person. Someone who can be a mentor as I go through the process. Or maybe I’ll just leap in. I’ve gotten as far as picking out the distro I want, but I have gotten as far as leaping into the water yet. Will keep people updated.

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