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I am shamelessly plugging my new book here.



It’s one of my annual Christmas stories based of my cats Mietze and Talbot. In the book they are Roly and Poly, two kittens who disobey their mother and sneak out of the house to gather kitty treats that mingle with the snow. The greedy, little kittens eat all the treats they can get their paws on. When their mother finds them she is shocked at their new appearance.



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Go to the mall. And die.

For many of the shoppers and workers at Stonecliff Mall, the twenty-fifth largest mall in the country, that’s how it ends. An ordinary day, a fun-filled shopping spree, or a last minute decision leads to three weeks in hell after a virus is introduced into the building.

Panic. Chaos. Death.

Who knows who will die or when.

I read the first book just as it came out only I didn’t write down the title or the author. All I remembered was the flu in the mall. I searched for the next volume for ages then serendipitously found all three. I got them all. I needed to read the first one to refresh my memory. Two days later, all done. What a ride.

The book is told from three different points of view, following several teenagers as they adjsut and take or lose control of the situation. There’s a jock, the bully, the bullied, the popular girl, the nerd, and the new-to-the-neighborhood kid. Each has to find a way to survive.

The books. In order.

1 – No Safety in Numbers

2 – No Easy Way Out

3 – No Dawn Without Darkness

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Not too long ago I picked up a book at the library I thought might be interesting. It was with zombies. I think. When I got home I discovered it was the last in a series of five. Or maybe it was seven, I don’t remember. But there were several books in the series and I thought I might want to go back and read them, but let me read this one first. I am so glad I did even though I never read the whole thing.

It wasn’t long in the book when zombies attacked and people started dying and being eaten right and left. It was a zombie/monster killfest. Way too much gore for me so I decided not to finish it. I did however go to the last chapter to see what was going to happen and if there was a next book. I guess not because the main character seemed to be one of only a handful alive and she just got bit.

I am so glad I didn’t start this with book 1. For the life of me I can’t imagine anyone wanting to spend all this time reading this series only to have everyone die in the end. What a waste of my time it would have been and how utterly pessimistic. Really? Everyone dies? This is someone’s idea of a good read? I’d be pretty ticked if I invested all that time and there wasn’t some hope at the end.

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Angus’ sisters, the twins, insist there is an Angus movie coming out soon, like Christmas soon. It will star Angus, their brother. Angus says it’s all my fault and I had nothing to do with it.

At first Angus hoped the whole thing would die off, but more and more sheep began texting him and asking him about this Angus Movie. I wouldn’t mind seeing it myself. If it existed. Which it doesn’t. Or didn’t.

You should make the movie, I told Angus. Think about how being an actor will increase your sweetie potential.

The last part got him. Also I said that I had friends, friends I hadn’t met yet, who’d be interested in helping. After all, Angus has tons of pictures of pastures and I have video of him. In fact last week I got a whole lot of video of him. And it’s good video of him too not just him falling into a puddle or being chased by a goose although those would make good action scenes. My new friends thought so too. They arrived just when Angus kinda agreed that maybe he could do a movie. He called it: Pastures of South Carolina. What a snoozer.

It has to be more exciting, I told him. The twins are expecting action.

“The twins are wanting violence and mayhem. They’ll be wanting to see me wrestling an alligator.” He crossed his skinny arms.

“That would be a great scene. I have a stuffed alligator.” I drag it over and give it to him. He falls under the weight of it and must swim his way out from under. By luck one of my friends has shot the scene with his cell phone.

“It will be Pastures in South Carolina,” Angus says. “I shall narrate it.”

He gets his powerpoint ready and stands in front of the camera. And freezes.  Who knew he was camera shy. I’m thinking we’ll be keeping the alligator wrestling scene. I give my friends all the video I have and all of Angus’ pictures in his Best of SC Pasture’s folder. They are all excited and insist they will work with Angus on it. I’m going to have to see how it all works out.

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