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New Year’s Resolutions

I have no New Year’s resolutions. I don’t bother with them because I’m always making resolutions, the main being to eat less candy and more vegetation. Trouble is, when I see the vegetation my resolve crumbles away. Still, I try. If I mess up, I just start my resolution over again. Which might be the problem – too many chances.

I’m trying to think if I ever actually made a New Year’s Resolution. Don’t think I ever have. Exercise? Maybe more rigorous exercise, but I’ve walking and jogging and exercise bike peddling so I’m good. Writing? I do that every day. Maybe I could use one on working to trying harder to get published, more than on Blurb that is.

My family isn’t big on resolutions either. No one’s stood up and proclaimed ‘this is what I’m going to do next year’. Or maybe they did and I wasn’t listening.

Can’t think of anything else to write on this so I’ll end with a Happy New Year everyone and I hope everyone stays healthy and you stick with whatever resolution you made.


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Flood Status

It’s been two months since the floods ravished South Carolina. I drove down one road, one of the hardest hit places, the other day and signs of its aftermath is very much evident. There are a string of lakes, man-made lakes, and the dams broke sending water down to flood homes and wash out roads. The lakes are now ghosts of their former selves, a series of puddles while construction crews tend to the victims. It’s really been an eye-opener and I count myself fortunate indeed to have escaped it all.

In the paper a man told of years of collected treasures lost to the flood. All he would get back from that and his house is $33,000. He had no flood insurance, but many people didn’t. Who would know a 1000 year event would land on our doorstep? It makes me think that when I move I’m making darn sure I’m way uphill from a potential flood event. Not that something else can’t happen, but still.

Around my area they’ve repaired the road and some of the lakes are refilling. Beaver Dam the one they thought would break and didn’t, is still a work zone, but whether someone is actually repairing it, I don’t know. Someone’s got to come up with the money and with it being a private dam, I don’t think the state is. Who knows how long that road will be closed.

I haven’t been to the Sesquicentennial Park yet and walked the path where the creek goes through. By the time the sun comes up, I don’t have enough time. Maybe when my sister comes, we’ll do a walk-through.  We’ll go downtown and inspect the canal. That got breached twice.

With cold weather coming soon, I hope people are able to repair their homes or find a place to stay. Again, I am really blessed it didn’t happen to me.

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Angus ordered a taxi to take him away somewhere. I knew this even though he never mentioned it. I didn’t know where he was going, but it couldn’t be good by the way he acted. This pained expression appeared on his face and he held his hooves in front of his tummy as if he had a stomach ache. He began to faint at odd intervals.

“Do you have hoof and mouth disease,” I asked after he fainted for about the tenth time. I handed him one of his emergency breathing bags. At this rate he’ll go through his entire December supply and January’s as well.


He didn’t even insult me or call me a silly ewe. This had to be serious, but he hadn’t said anything to Hamish and he tells Hamish everything.

Angus gave up eating. He didn’t fluff his wool or shine his hooves. He forgot to shoo me away when I got to close. I even gave him a quick pat and he said nothing. Now I was getting worried. I thought I better tell Aud.

“Oh, Pawnee,” Angus said before I could do so. “Me Mum always takes me to the dentist. How can I go alone?” With that he fainted again. I had to wait until he recovered before replying.

“Sheep go to dentists?”

He fainted again. If this kept up I wasn’t going to find out anything about the appointment. He revived. I grabbed  him.

“Stay awake. What dentist?”

Too late. He was gone. I had a feeling he was never going to get to the dentist if he stayed comatose. So I stuck with him. When the taxi came the next day I had to carry the unconscious Angus to the vehicle. The driver knew where to go, the local veterinarian. Wouldn’t you know, and how convenient, an exchange veterinarian from Scotland happened to be visiting and she just happened to specialize in dentistry.

“What are the odds?” I asked the Scottish secret service guy sitting in the corner. It was the same one who’s always there when Angus gets a checkup. Angus never notices. As usual the man ignored me and rattled his paper to indicate he’s reading, which he isn’t. I went to play with the kittens while I waited. A half hour later Angus walked out with a toothbrush and hay flavored toothpaste.

“I had a cavity. She said I ate too many oatie bits. I need to eat more grass, but it’s not as good here as in Scotland.” He’s pretty much recovered from his fainting spells until he hears the cost, one dollar,  then he faints again. I have to complete the transaction, pulling a wadded up five dollar bill from his sporran. The four singles won’t fold small enough to fit back in, so I stick them in buckskins.

Back at the house he’s right away on the phone to Hamish, telling in great detail what happened. I’m surprised he remembered it all. I thought he’d be out the whole time, but apparently he woke up several times. While he seemed to have gotten a lot of info from his stint in the office, he sure didn’t remember me going with him or the change he was due. He didn’t get that back for a few weeks because I misplaced the bills. Makes one wonder if what he told Hamish was all true. I’m thinking not.

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Overworked and under-appreciated, Myra is blindsided when her boyfriend Erik dumps her. She even planned to go to dental school for him. But the chance to study in the Galapagos Islands revives her. It’s a way to get away from her dead end town  sitting on the Great Salt Lake, away from looking after her four brothers, her pregnant older sister, her arguing parents. To achieve her dream she must write the winning proposal plus earn $1000. Except she’s just quit her job and it won’t be easy to get a new one.

This is a humorous story and fun to read. Myra’s experience in the chicken suit is laugh out loud hilarious. Her thoughts are funny too: Like somewhere in China they’re having updates in Tianannem Square about the Morgan Family Illegitimacy Pregnancy crisis. Myra is a likable, relatable character. She thinks of herself as a doormat and is a clean freak, that latter coming in good stead and to her advantage.

There were times as I read that I wanted to shout ‘don’t do that’ and other times I cheered her on. I never knew until the end whether she would go on the trip or not and that was part of the ride. I enjoyed Myra’s stories to the boys, the tales of Deadendia with the pirates and princes, the scullery maid and the jewels of Isabela.

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I will shamelessly boast about my book that I just published. It’s at blurb.com01 CoverI thought to sell it at a Christmas bazaar and already have three orders and that’s with no one but a person who checking the spelling looking at it.  So, I have hopes. Check it out at blurb and tell me what you think.

Christmas Comes to Alban‘s

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