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South Carolina has been warned there are rabid sheep in the state. This tidbit of highly interesting information came after a report of a rabid raccoon and a rabid fox who rushed at a man.  The fox rushed at man. I don’t know what the raccoon did.

Rabid sheep. I turned my attention on Angus. It didn’t long for him to stand in front of me with forehooves on hips and a glare in his eyes.

“And what’s with you, ye silly ewe. I’ve work to do and I won’t have you staring at me the whole day.”

“There’s a rabid sheep in the state,” I tell him. “Didn’t you listen to the news?”

“And you think it’s me? And of course I don’t listen to the news. It’s not for sheep like meself. There’s too much violence.” With that he clip clops off, on with his busy schedule. He has a croft to design and there’s wool and hoof inspection coming up. I jump off the couch and follow him.

“You really should every once in a while. It can save your life. Did you know that when wild animals have rabies they act tame and when domestic animals have rabies they act wild.”

“That’s interesting I’m sure. How does a kitty like yourself act?”

That’s a good question, but I’ve never heard of a member of my species getting rabies. We have a feel for that. We can look at a potential food item or passing wildlife and just know. It’s a gift we have. “I don’t know,” I tell Angus. “Do you feel like going wild?”

“Nae, I do not.”

“Were you bitten recently? Slobbered upon?” I rush to get ahead of him and pass him by a long shot because he has stopped cold.

“Slobbered on? Bitten? Away with ye and your silly questions. Sometimes you’re worse than the twins!”

I find that to be a compliment and am pleased, but I want to know more about rabid sheep. “Has anyone in your family become rabid?”

“There is no rabies in Scotland! Bitten. Slobbered on. Och, I feel faint.” And he faints, just puddles on the floor and lays there prone for a few minutes until he slowly comes to, moving first his limbs and then his head. It takes awhile before his eyes clear.

I figure that since he fainted he can’t be rabid. But I’m watching. I’ll be watching.


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I finished, finally, my last story. It’s a rough draft and has been put in the editing queue, i.e. typing it on the computer. I meant to start on a story that’s been rattling around in my head even before this last one. I had a notebook picked out. Yes, it is important for me to have the right kind of notebook – college ruled and some have a picture on the cover. I have a name for the main character. This is also very important as I can’t start until that is taken care of. I didn’t have a written outline, but I knew the direction in which I wanted to go.

The day before I finished, I started a book I got from the library. As I read it, all these ‘what if’s’ came into my head. The day I finished the story I’d been writing, a character came knocking, fully fleshed, with a name. ‘Write my story,’ he said. What about my other story? What about the story about my mom?

‘Please. Write my story. I need a good ending and I know you’ll give me one.’

As my writing time came closer and closer, all I could think about was this character. The story started in my head, expanding . What could I do? I started writing his story.

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Dear Hamish,

Thank you for the fine pictures of the games. Och, how I wish I could be there. I am sorry to hear your caber landed wrong, but a good thing it is it didn’t land on a hoof or your head. The twins know better than to leave orange peels around. I am sure it was them. Who else could it be and Mum said they’d come home with tummy aches from eating too much orange and what had they done with the peel as she wanted it for insect repellant. Perhaps next year you will qualify for the district games.

Here in the colonies, things are well. I have been shorn with nary a nick. The Person’s garden is well despite the care she is not giving it. There are weeds and it is watered whenever. I fear for the vegetation, but things are growing, the strawberries especially. Fine strawberries they are too and they have attracted the eyes of others. Like bunnies.

Fearing I will be deprived of strawberry and wishing for parsley she doesn’t eat, I went to see for myself who the culprit was. Twas in the wee hours of morning when I saw it bounce up. The leaves rustled beside me and Pawnee Kitty emerged, a clipboard in one paw.

“Name.” She held out a paw, touching the surprised bunny on the nose. Of course the bunny said naught not being able to speak. “Do you have reservation?” Pawnee Kitty asked and flipped through the pages on the clipboard. Again the bunny said naught.

“I don’t see you on my list. You may go.”

Now all this time the bunny is sitting there, wondering what this little furry being is up to and probably thinking Pawnee Kitty is harmless. Surely it has seen Pawnee do little more to the passing bunnies than pet them. But these are the Person’s strawberries and she wished to eat them.

Pawnee hisses. When I awake from my faint, the bunny is gone. I doubt it will return. I meself would not, except I know Pawnee will nae harm me.

“I’m off for parsley,” I tell her so she will not think I will make off with a strawberry.

“Take all you want.” And with that she sinks back into the foliage.

Later, the Person came with netting and dropped it over the strawberries. She hammered several stakes by the tomato plants and wished everything the best. I do hope the tomatoes will be be safe from marauders. They are growing quite big. There are cucumbers too and the plant is growing wild. I will have to keep an eye on them as the Person does not.

That is all for now.

Yours from the colonies,

Angus. McSheep.

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So, there I was typing away and my computer began making whrr, whrr sounds. Hard drive failure.  Darn. I poked at it a while. I shut it down. I turned it back on. Nothing. Darn.

On the bright side I had just about everything backed up, including a major back up two weeks ago. Since I hadn’t time to use the computer the last two weeks that means I didn’t lose much except some things I was editing.

But still. Darn.

I told my Mom I had it for ten years, but after some checking, I think I got it in 2007, right at the cusp of Vista. I managed to snag one of the last XP machines. Hooray.

Windows 10 is about to come out, but I don’t want to wait until it does. I really despise Windows 8, but Windows 7 is $50 more and if I get a free upgrade to 10, I’ll go with 8 and hope Windows 10 comes out like they say sometime in July. That’s only about a month or so of Windows 8. I think I can handle that for so long. Fifty bucks is fifty bucks.

With luck this computer will last a while. It’d be nice if they did last ten years. Thinking it over, it’ll the fourth desktop since the late 80’s. The Tandy lasted about 8 years. I know I had in college. Maybe it did last ten years because the next computer had Windows ME and that came out around 2000. That didn’t last that long, maybe six or seven years.

So, time to spend money. Darn.



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Once Felix lived in an orphanage. It was 1942, in Poland, and Felix left the orphanage to find his parents.

Then Felix and his friend Zelda lived with a kind woman, but that didn’t mean everything was all good.

Now Felix is a grandfather and there are still dangers to be faced.

This series by Morris Gleitzman doesn’t hold any punches or sugarcoat the horrors inflicted on the Jewish people during WWII not only by the NAZI’s, but by their own countrymen. It made one look into one’s soul and wonder: What would I do? How would I act? I also found myself asking the unanswerable question – why? How could anyone do anything like that? How can one treat children like that?

I read the whole series one right after another. I’ve now discovered their is a fourth book called ‘After’ which I will be looking for (probably right after I finish this post). I highly recommend this for schools, eighth grade and up. Eight grade is when they cover the Holocaust so it will fit with that, but, teachers, read the books first.

It’s sad to note that while this book is about WWII, it fits in today with ISIS and other extremists who target people of another religion.


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I discovered this site not to long ago and think it’s worth passing on. Type in a word, pick a year if you want, select clean of full, and click ‘search’. Since I write mostly children’s or young adult I choose clean. It gives you the result and the year used (if you opt not to put a date or give a wide range, say 1800 to 1900.

It’s not perfect, but it’s a decent resource. I typed in ‘car’ and no date and got 67 results that included card since it has car. I also got some good slang terms like breezer from the 1920’s,a convertible, and flip top from the seventies which means the same thing.

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