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On Moving: June

I really should be packing right now. Instead I sit here at the library typing this. A few minutes ago I’d been researching self storage places finally finding several candidates. It’s a cost I’d rather not pay, but I’m moving in with my mom, to help take care of her, and she’s got loads of stuff in her house already. I figure my clothes and books and writing materials will be about as much as I can stuff in there. That leads most of my other stuff to languish in a storage unit. It’ll be like Christmas when I unpack it all.
I have five days to pack. Okay, make that I have five days (that doesn’t include the weekend when I go over to my mom and take care of this week’s stuff) to empty my furniture so I can get them ready to move on Wednesday. I figure I can rent the U-Haul again and make another run the next week. At the end of the month I have to be out of my house. Let’s see if I make it and if I survive.


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