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25 January 2014

I’m making the date the title of this post. I can’t think of a better one right. At the moment I’m at the public library on the 20 minute computer. I can’t be much longer because my mom is waiting for me. I’m supposed to be looking for books. Since today I have a list, finding books will be a bit quicker; not like last time where it took me forever to find anything.
We just came from the Richland County Public Library Book Sale. I bought mostly CDs, Christmas ones. I don’t know why I’m obsessed with Christmas music. I think it’s because that one Christmas, far in the future apparently, I will have made the perfect Christmas mix tape, i.e. CD, i.e. playlist.
I also got a book of crafts when I retire. That’s also in the future. Here I am trying to divest myself of stuff and I’m adding more stuff. Sigh.
Anyway, I love public library book sales. I think I’ll make that next week’s post – public library book sales.
Back to the list of books I made for today. That’s one great thing about being a librarian, you know how to get your hands on the lists of good books that just came out. In a few weeks the state list will come out and I can beeline to the library to check them out before the public knows about them.
So, I get my list of books and then I look on-line at the card catalog to see if the book is available. Being reviewed books in journals, they usually are. Hot dog for me.
Time is dwindling now for this time. Until next time.


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Ever read a book on a place you’re familiar with and spot an error? Your eyes widen and you say, aloud, that’s wrong!
Yesterday I read a book that placed a drawbridge in a spot I knew none existed and never did. The same author had placed a mountain flower in the lowlands of the Rhine country. He might have to do a bit more fact checking because these make me doubt what he writes.
Because I dislike spotting such errors, I rarely really say where the story is set unless I’m quite sure of the area. Maybe the information is dated, but it is, or was, accurate. I have one manuscript set in South Carolina. I think of the story every time I see these two silos or this one water tower. In the manuscript I never say it’s in South Carolina, but I’m beginning to think I should since I’m quite familiar with the area and the reader might be interested where all the action takes place.
Sometimes I set parts of a story in a city I’ve never visited. In my mind, I know what city it is, but I’m reluctant to write the name because I know little about the place. I don’t want people bolting upright ‘That’s wrong! There’s no burger place there! I’m going to write that author and tell them a thing or two!’
I don’t want to always write about anonymous places. It’s more interesting to write about a place you know, although it’s also fun to totally make up a place. Now with the Internet and Google Earth, I can go back and verify landmarks or I rely on information gleaned from vacations. I wrote a mystery on Hadrian’s Wall. Here I used a mix of real places and vague, but it’s in the area, countryside and villages. I use photos I took to add descriptions. Travel books come in handy when writing about major cities like New York or London. If it can’t be verified or I have to guess, I won’t be putting in the location so that people can trust what I write.

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2014 New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year everyone. It’s been two, maybe more, weeks of me not blogging. Several things have been churning around in my mind of what I would like to do this year. I won’t call them resolutions per se, more like, this is what I would like to do.
More Angus and Pawnee Kitty posts. I have been severely lacking in posting their letters, journal entries, arguments, and adventures. Angus would like everyone to know he is fainting less and his current crop of wool is excellent. Pawnee Kitty is still thinking about what she would like to say. It may take awhile since she just started. She said she didn’t know there’d be a test.
More book reviews. I have read some really great books that I’d like others to know about. Just thought, hey, what about music reviews? My next thought. Ha Ha Ha Ha. I don’t even read them because I think that is so subjective and personal, even more so than books. I once rode in friend’s car who had their favorite music on. I never knew it could be so bad. I wanted to hang my head out the window and let the wind drown it out. Could I have said something? Yes. But how many times have I blasted my favorite tunes to family and friends?
Keep writing, writing, writing. Write down outlines of storylines that bubble up and gell in my head.
Over the summer, try to publish something.
And there you go, short and sweet, my resolutions.

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