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I have finished part/chapter/section 10 and am one third of the way through the story. Had I not the outline, I don’t think I’d be this far. I would have stopped, gotten distracted, done Sudoku puzzles, whatever, along the way, but I haven’t. Every morning I go into the story eager to write, brimming with ideas of how to enhance it. Okay, maybe there was one or two times when I hit a bridge area where I slowed, but lately I can’t wait to write and wish I had more time to do it.
When I started this I really thought that I wouldn’t be able to pull in ideas like I usually do. I thought it’d be so scripted, I’d get bored. Not so. With a chapter heading and a few notes of what will be happening I’m still expanding and mulling over what could happen and how it could happen. Last minutes ideas are incorporated without conpremising what the rest of the outline.
Now with two weeks of holiday, I hope I can double my writing.


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All is Well

For those of you who waited with abated breath, I found my flashdrive and not where anyone would think to look. I had a feeling I’d find it because I didn’t panic for very long and I just knew it would turn up. Upon returning home, I, when I remembered to do so, checked my other flashdrive holder. Not there. Okay, maybe on the side table. Not there either. Okay, I thought, maybe the kids did take it, and yet I didn’t feel any panic attacks. Later that evening, as I stood there by the couch ready to collapse into it, I smoothed out the blanket and lo and behold. In a crevice, emerged by flashdrive. Hot Dog.
It reminds of some pictures I’d been searching for, for years. Many moons ago, the 60’s, our family embarked on a grand vacation, looping around the Great Lakes, visiting Manitoba, the Dakotas, and Niagara Falls among others. I thought my Dad had given them to a friend to digitalize, but with my Dad’s death, and the ill health and death of the friend, I thought they may be gone forever. I searched everywhere at my Mom’s place. No luck.
Three weeks ago I rooted around a box in the linen closet. I knew there were slides in there and I meant to scan them in before I started on more of my Mom’s pictures. Imagine my surprise when I dig out five slide carousels. These contained the very slides I’d been looking for. I just knew I’d find them, I just never when they’d pop up. They appeared just in time for me to scan them in before Christmas and give everyone a wonderful Christmas present.

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Started panicking. I checked my flashdrive holder and no flashdrive. First thought – left it at school and a student picked it up. My mind started racing. I wanted to drive right, I mean right this very minute, to my house ninety miles, two hours away to check my house to see if I put it accidentally in my other flashdrive holder.
Of course that’s a stupid idea. I’m not driving four hours back and forth for that. I’ll just have to panic until tomorrow.
As I began installing the German dictionary to Open Office and try to find to where exactly I sent my potential blog posts if I’m in a hurry (nowhere apparently and I have only two email accounts I use for that) I think – Darn, I should have transferred those documents when I transferred the other stuff to my netbook and when did I do that? You know, I might have been lazy and while using the netbook didn’t get up to put away. I hope that’s the case.
Pretty much everything on that flashdrive are duplicates. I think there are only a files of which I have no copies, but they were old and kinda obsolete anyway.
Just checked and found out I used the flashdrive with the netbook on the fourth of December. Now I know I didn’t use it at school after that.
Okay, I’m feeling better now. The panicking has subsided.

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