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2012 221 NY Lake Ontario from lighthouse ACK
This is one of those pictures that end up cool even with the first perceived problems such as the mesh screen. Taken from the top of Sodus Lighthouse, it shows a view of Lake Ontario. I wanted a nice shot of the lake from up high and I worried the mesh would cause problems, but it came out great even with the bug splatter.
That’s a great thing with a digital camera; you can take as many pictures as you want and not worry you’re running out of film. Okay, so you might run out of space on the memory card, but you get much more than 32 pictures on a roll.
Sodus Lighthouse is located east of Rochester. It’s a small village, one I put on my route because I thought this might be the only lighthouse I’ll see. Not so, but who cares. Lighthouses are nice and great picture taking opportunities. They have a nice museum on the ground floor, well worth the money.


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I, or I should say Pawnee Kitty, is working on the 2014 Christmas blurb book – Hadrian’s Wall. It’s looking like it will be the best one yet. She’s adding sidebars to include bits of history such as forts, Bodacia, Romans, Roman history in Britain, and King Arthur as well as others. While it’s going fast, it’s also going a bit slower because there’s the introduction of Angus in it and a whole story has to be created. The interaction between the two isn’t coming out right, although it reads well. The two tend to bicker and Angus fusses at Pawnee, but so far in the book that part is not there. Good thing there’s plenty of leeway for rewrites. More tension needs to be created and why is Angus so suspicious of Pawnee anyway. Besides that she lied about eating sheep meat that is. I’m sure it will all come together in the end and it’ll be nice and sad when the whole thing is complete.

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Way Laid Plans

Like in the poem from Robert Burns
“The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men,
Gang aft agley, “

my plans to post last week’s bit did not come to fruition. Oh well. And that’s life.
I ended up getting horribly sick and didn’t do much except lay half comatose on my bed or sofa except for those times I sprinted in a shuffling way to the convenience. It was not the best of times.
I got to sleep late.
I stayed home from everything except the grocery store and hospital for six days.
I saved a lot of fuel.
I lost weight.
So, all’s good in the end. I even managed to catch up quick with my work.
Thank goodness no late nights and I could scamper home early. That’s why this will be short. As in end… right here.

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