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Now some details because I’m sure there are things I want to remember later on and I might not. I know Angus didn’t write it all down. He didn’t tell Hamish all the good stuff like getting the case of the trots because he wasn’t careful about what vegetation he ate. I told him it wasn’t good. He did mention he fainted on the Cave of the Winds boardwalk. This wave of water from the falls came cascading over the boardwalk and swept him away. Usually he manages to stay awake until the danger is passed, but… down he went. He couldn’t have gone over because of the safety harness. Still, I rescued him and dried to dry his wool with Aud’s sock only it was still wet from the Maid of the Mist trip. Did he give details in his letter? No. he did not.
He did go on about Canada. I’ve never been there and in two hours you can’t really see much. We ate Pizza Hut pizza in a casino and there went most of our time. Angus only nibbled a bit of cracker because of the you know what happened. I wanted to walk over to the Horseshoe Falls on this side, but we didn’t have time. Instead we walked back over the bridge and since I don’t have to show my passport, I slipped through the gate instead of going through customs.

I wanted to get a patch saying I walked all the hikes because we nearly did walk all the hikes except for two, and we could have done them if Aud hadn’t dragged us away due to time constraints. The best hike was the one in the gorge. Except then this jetboat came and made a whole bunch of noise and that ruined that. It was so loud the guy couldn’t hear me shouting to be quiet. I’ll have to write a letter saying they spoiled my whole day.
In the Internet it says the trail by the river is a dangerous hike because you have to go 300 feet down. I didn’t think it was bad even when Aud sat on this rock overlooking the river. She could have slid in. I know Mama would have been hollering at her to come on back. In fact I could hear her. No, wait. That was Angus. ‘Come back! ‘Tis dangerous! You’ll slip and float down the grand river and be churned like butteeeer’.
When Aud was about to go back up, this jogging lady in lycra bounced down and jogged away. After we got up, it took awhile, and we were heading to the car, the same lady came bouncing along. And Aud was all dressed in her hiking stuff and this lady had on light stuff. Angus had a staff too to use, but he could use his pink, fluorescent hoof as an excuse.
Watkins Glen was neat. It didn’t take long to get there even with all the stops we made. None was a food stop except a farm place. Aud had really hoped to go to a Golden Corral and pig out at the chocolate fountain and the cotton candy. Or she wanted to go to a local restaurant, but all we saw were two, count them, fast food places.
At Watkins Glen there were all those campers cooking all wonderful food! I nearly couldn’t back to our campsite, I was so stuffed. No beanie weanies for me. They had even better food than at Four Mile State Park. Oh, the gorge is fun too. We visited it the next day.


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This coming week is National Library Week. I should see if there is a World Library Week. If not, there should be one. If not, this is a ‘shout out’ to all library users, big and small, wherever you are. It’s a shout out to all libraries from those in large, formidable buildings, those squashed in small corners, and those that arrive by car, bus, horse, or camel. What would we do without libraries? How many young adult, children’s and adult writers remember their first library experience? How many have given thanks in their books to their libraries?
So, to all you library users, library volunteers, library clerks, and librarians, whoever you are, thank you for helping keeping libraries alive.

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We went to New York State this year, to see Niagara Falls and other stuff, mostly nature things, which is what I like. Mama thought it’d be hot or rainy, but it wasn’t.
It took a whole day to get to nearly New York. We had to camp in Pennsylvania, way north close to the border. There was a dam close by and we visited it the next day as well as Rock City. It’s a place with huge boulders and you walk around them and you can sneak up on unsuspecting sheep and scare them. I only did it once though because Aud said she wouldn’t feed me, which she didn’t anyway because apparently New York doesn’t have any decent places to eat because we didn’t find any.
After we drove to Niagara Falls area and got a campsite (flat, shady, close to water and the facilities and bunnies), we visited For Niagara where I finally did get something to eat. I had a turkey dog and Angus got ice cream with blackberries. A gun got fired there and Aud got this great picture with smoke coming out of the gun and even the bullet. I don’t think it was a real bullet because someone could get hurt and that could have been me because I was moving. They also shot a cannon, but we were eating then. Angus fainted and dropped his ice cream. I ate it and when he woke up I told him he had. It wasn’t much anyway.
We went to another dam too, but the visitor center was about to close so we took only some pictures from their observation deck. You can see the river here. We had to run. Angus went clopclopclopclopclop ‘Wait for meeeeeeeeeeeee!’

Niagara Falls is really neat even if it involves a lot of water. Aud got there really early in the morning and managed to take pictures without having to dodge people right and left. Later on it was like the United Nations came over. I heard all sorts of different languages.
This is what we did on that day!

– Walk all over the place to take pictures of the American Falls.
– Go on the Maid of the Mist tour and got all wet.
– Got even wetter when trying to see the American Falls up close and personal.
– Since soaked went on Cave of the Winds boardwalk where Aud got plastic shoes and Angus nearly got swept away by the water.
– Looked at Horseshoe Falls
– Went to find a place to eat.
– Went to Canada to find a place to eat.
– Ate in Canada.
– Went to park in Canada to see Horseshoe Falls.
– Walked back to U.S.
– Went to see movie on the big screen about Niagara Falls
– Went to Three Sister Islands.
– Went to Aquarium and Angus refused to go in.
– Went to visitor center where there is a food place and ate.
– Walked to parking lot.
– Dashed back to visitor center.
– Walked back to parking lot.

My little paws got pretty sore today and I even saw Angus putting some Hoof Repair on his hooves (after he went into a full panic saying that he had a critical crack in his hoof and his legs would fall off or whatever.) He also put some gauzy pink bandage on his right hoof.
The thing I didn’t like about Niagara Falls were the helicopters. They were too loud and even drowned out the falling water. I need to complain big time about this.

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Rock City, N.Y.

2012 030 NY Rock City ACK
Rock City, NY, close to the PA border and in the Allegheny Mountains. These daunting steps make one wonder what’s below. A maze? A mystical wonderland? A cave? Standing up one top and looking down, one anticipates an adventure.

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