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I revised my library media plan today and one part deals with appreciating literature. I included several places one could go to find a book that is similar to one recently read. Our school has access to NoveList. I like that except we usually don’t carry the book the student wants. Having heard of a free web site I tried that one.
My mind went blank as I looked at the search box so I tried one of my favorite authors – Joan Bauer. When a list of her books came up, I picked Stand Tall and waited for my recommended books to pop up. I didn’t think much of the list and when I saw Marilyn Manson’s autobiography on it, I knew this wouldn’t do. How in blazes did they figure those two matched? Bauer’s book is about a twelve-year-old boy who is over six feet tall and dealing with his parent’s divorce. Marilyn Manson’s books is about the metal/rock bad boy and his lifestyle and tours. Very similar. Not.
I sure would like to know how they connected the two. Needless to say I didn’t add that website to my list for students to use.


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Librarian Conference

I’m at my first school librarian’s conference in years. Hot dog. Most of the sessions I’ve been attending have to do with what’s called the Common Core – standards that are standard across the U.S. The core refers to the ‘core’ curriculums – English, Math, Social Studies, and Science. It will be interesting. Many teachers, particularly English teachers, fear that they won’t be able to teach novels or must teach less novels. Not so even with the emphasis on nonfiction. Reading is to be across the curriculum and the rule on what percentage of fiction books students should read (must read?) is not for English only. Good. We want our kids to read fiction. In the Rotarian magazine, there was an article in which the author wrote that it would behoove business people to start reading fiction books because in fiction you see the interaction of different people in different situations.
I will try and attend a session by an author. It’s a wait and see. I did think to go to a session where an author talked about writing and publishing a book. While first interested, I thought that I already know this and I get great information from my critique group. Instead I went to someone on, you guessed it, common core.

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Hot dot, I mean dog, next week I’ll be going to the SC school librarians conference! Yeah and hooray. I haven’t been to it in years mostly due to lack of funds. This year the school paid for part of it. Night wise I’ll be staying with my mom so I don’t have to pay for a hotel. Next year my plan is to present a workshop (library orientation mystery) and perhaps I can go for free plus up my ante on professional development points. I think I get 20 pts for presenting. Another yoohoo if I do.
I like going to the librarian’s conference because one can meet actual live authors (compared to zombie ones I suppose). You can talk to them and some have sessions to visit. I might be going to a YA romance writer’s session mostly because there is absolutely nothing else of interest in that time slot. I don’t write romance well and don’t even read romance, but, hey, I can broaden my horizons.

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