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Sometime after printing a travel journal on blurb, I realized the space after the period seemed a bit wide. Maybe I don’t need two spaces after all. It reminded me of a student wondering if she should have one or two spaces after the period. I have to say I now wondered that myself.
According to Brian Klems on the Writer’s Digest website (accessed 11 September 2012), one only needs one. He says that the two space rule came about with typewriters. They only had one font and some of the letters took up more space than others (compare the M with an I). Computers offer a cornucopia of fonts and they automatically give enough space.
Now I have to train myself to press the spacebar only once between sentences. We’ll see how that goes. I’ve been trying to do that with post and it’s not going well. I have to make a conscientious effort and think really, really hard to press only once.


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Rainey by Sis Deans

I wish I had read the author’s information before reading the book because that information would have helped me to appreciate the book more. While I was reading the novel I wondered how much the author knew of ADHD. A lot it turns out.
Ten-year-old Rainy is sent off the camp, nothing out of the ordinary except she is hardcore ADHD. She sees something of interest to her and she’s off. Told to wait for her sister outside the restroom, she spots a family who could use help and helps them, forgetting totally about her sister. She drives her bunkmates crazy because she needs to read before sleeping and she needs to rock herself to sleep. She only needs four hours of sleep at night.
As I read this I thought of all those bouncy bouncy kids in school, some of whom seem to ricochet off the walls. Always moving. Always busy. This book gave me a real insight into their minds. I liked the analogy when Rainy compares her mind to a roller coaster, going this way and that.
Despite the troubles she gets into, the potential friendships she loses to her behavior, Rainy is always bright and cheerful. She really reminds of a student I’ve had who was always smiling and always into trouble.
There could have been a better segue into her adventure to visit a mountain where a girl died over a hundred years ago, but other than that I felt Rainy’s first person narrative gave the reader an idea of how someone with ADHD would act and think. Now I think I can better understand what makes some people tick.

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03 Fairfax - after ready wheat field

Wheat is one of the crops grown in the low country of South Carolina along with corn, cotton, soybeans, and pine trees. This field is one of several large ones just north of Fairfax. I’d taken pictures of it earlier in the year when it had been green, but now it’s ripened and turned brown. Unfortunately I missed when they harvested it. After the wheat had been harvested, soybeans were planted in the same field.

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Christmas 2012

Christmas 2012 has come and gone as with the two week break I had. That not only included a break from work and students, but some technology. I have to feel sorry for those who are addicted and carry their electronics everywhere. I read and watched a ton of movies and did some writing stuff, more than I thought I would, so whoo hoo!

I usually don’t get much writing done on vacations, but while everyone slept late in early morning, I exercised, and wrote, AND got some extra sleep in as well. Not only did I manage to get several pages done, but I outlined three other stories in my head and committed two of them on paper. The other one will keep until I’ve finished with the children’s story. The new one is a science fiction, part of the sci-fi universe in my head. Then I thought of an adventure story that may end up part urban fiction (superhero) and an offshoot of Angus and yet a mix of the Hobbit which I saw over the break. (I had no idea it was a trilogy and thought the ending was the end!) This new story sends a character that’s wiggled itself in my head from Scotland to the States. Archie, a young sheep who doesn’t talk or walk and who knew could write decides to visit a pen pal in the States. He’s accompanied by homebody Alasdair who falters while Archie is brave. I can’t wait to see how that comes out especially since I’d like to include small illustrations.


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