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Can’t believe I haven’t blogged in a while.  Since I’m at the library, I’ll type in something, whatever comes in my head.  I came to the library to get a book on the state of New York.  I might have a chance to visit this summer and I need a week off.  Just the thought of going has actually been quite beneficial to my health.  I am in the pre-planning stage.  I do a lot of planning.  First – what’s the best route, avoiding as many tollways as possible.  According to Google it’s nearly thirteen hours to Buffalo, NY.  By wiggling through some mountains, name I have forgotten, the Algeheny?, I will add nearly two hours, but I will pass I90, major tollway, and see scenery.

Got my haircut, not that’s something to write about except after I got it cut I forgot to see what it looked like.  As I got in my car I thought, I’ll look when I get home.  Got home, forgot to look.  Several hours later I wander into the bathroom to brush my teeth and look in the mirror.  It’s very nice.  Only me.  I am so fashion unconscious I don’t even bother to obsess over my hair.

According to my notes, I have walked all the way from the east coast to California.  Amazing.  When one looks at it that way, that is really a lot.  If something ever happens and I have to actually walk because cars don’t work anymore, I now  know that I can walk there

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I’m glad you got me letter and thank you for the pictures. No, I don’t think anyone can tell just by looking at the video that it is you running across the pasture with their kilt on fire. I only knew because you said and by the scream. Since you dinna scream all the time, and, really, scream seldom, you’ll be quite safe. The twins won’t be telling either. I brought some pictures with me to the colonies and they dinna want them to be seen by anyone! Even they can be blackmailed, but it’s best do so sparingly.

By now you should know Da and Mum will replacing your kilt even though they told me they weren’t sure the twins are responsible. I have no doubts whatsoever. I know they have candles hidden away.

I got shorn and the package is on its way. Pawnee Kitty couldna tell me when it’ll arrive. It could be there now or in a few weeks. I’m not quite sure how her postal system works only that is does.

I have nary a nick on me body. And she did it so quick. Close your eyes, she said and lift your noodle arms. Then, zip, the wool is in the box and she is holding her paw over her eyes. Seeing me skin distresses her. She thinks it unnatural to get rid one’s natural covering. I tried to explain that if not shorn, the wool will just grow and grow.

Then, eyes still closed, she prods me with some digits before dropping a shirt over me head. A nice shirt. I thought I would wear me Highland Rams shirt, but no, a new one I got. From cotton mind you.

Tis cotton. No decent sheep wears cotton.”

It’s unbleached and what’s the material your football stuff is made of?”

Some fabric.”

It’s nylon. It’s spandex. It’s I don’t know what but it’s not of natural fiber stuff. Wool’s too hot and the summer is coming up.”

Wool can be cool. It has to be knit proper.”

I can’t knit.”

I look at me shirt. Tis made quite well. Pawnee Kitty, when she sets her mind to it, can sew well.”

I made you two.” She hands me another shirt. “If you take it off,” she wiggles her digits. “You know I can’t resist even though I can’t bare to look.”

I don’t want her little digits on me body so I’ll best keep it on. It’ll keep me from getting a sunburn anyhow.

That is for now,

your friend in the colonies

Angus. McSheep.

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Over the summer we’re heading back to Table Rock State Park. My nephew is not keen on keen on coming along. He’ll be bored. There’s nothing to do. All his friends are in San Antonio. He can’t connect to the Internet there. He doesn’t like reading. Sometimes I think he was switched at birth. Or maybe he’s a throwback to my Oma. She thought reading was a waste of time. Everyone else has their nose in a book whenever they can. Library hour.

I’m thinking of ways of making him less bored. He’s become interested in photography and wants a digital SLR camera. If we can get him one before June then maybe he won’t be so bored. I thought, hey, animation! I’ve already done a bit with Pawnee Kitty going after a buffalo using Movie Maker.

I checked out Movie Maker on my netbook. It’s now Windows Live Movie Maker. Words cannot describe my utter disappointment with it. It used to be so cool! Now it is only a shell of itself and a miserable one at that. I think you need Internet connection to use it properly. Darn cloud. Not everyone can connect whenever they want.

At work I checked out my options. The older movie maker is for XP only, but others say you can download it to Windows 7. What about Starter 7? As soon as I get a connection, I’ll try it. I’ll let you know what happens.

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Beginnings III

I decided on something else, something very different. Instead of the humorous, children’s story, my fingers opted for a more serious young adult novel. I got the idea from a book I had, a book in which I disagreed with the direction the story went. I’d give more information only I forgot what book it was and when I read it or even what it was really about.

I started the story once before. It’s somewhere and I might find it again, but since I’m not going to go look for it, I’m starting anew. It’s not going fast mainly because I didn’t have a name for the main character, a girl, and I had to flesh it out more.

My initial (second) start had the character in the 11th or 12th grade, but that didn’t work out so well if she has six siblings older than her still living at home. I needed more conflict so I’m making her a 10th grader, maybe even 9th. I have to wait and see how that works out.

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