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I came across the graphic novel of Little Women and checked it out. I never quite got the book so I thought this might help. For some reason I thought this was the vampire/zombie version. I’m not even sure there is a vampire/zombie version of Little Women, but anyway, with that in mind I set out to read it and waited for the zombies to appear. When they mentioned their father being away in the war, I thought ‘zombie war’ only then things started to not make sense. This, I thought, is kinda too much like the real book. Well, duh, it was because it was the Classics Illustrated version of the story.

I ended up not reading it. I didn’t like the book and I didn’t like the graphic novel. Weird because I love Little Men and I’ve read that over and over again. I even have it in my own library, but when I start reading Little Women my mind shuts down. I’ll never be able to emphasize with others when they talk about Jo’s death.


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No one is buying my book. Only one has sold. Aud bought it for Mama. I went to Aud to complain.

Maybe if you promote it,” she said.



But you have to go to the blurb web site and do stuff.”

Since when did your paws drop off?”

I drop my paws to my side. Obviously she is not going to help me. This is so unfair. She should be able to squeeze a few seconds over the weekends to help me. I need more money so I can get her Wifi service everywhere. I need to sell my book. I wander over to Angus. He’s on his ‘mobile’.

I need your help. My book isn’t selling.”

I don’t know anything about selling books. I build crofts.”

You do the writey thing and sell articles.”

I write educational items for magazines sold to sheep. They are not interested in reading about you wanting to eat ‘lamb-ka-bobs’. If I promote it,” he shuddered, “it will be bad. I do not wish to talk about your book anymore. It distresses me. Go away.”

So now I am stuck in the same predicament I was five minutes ago. I need to cultivate more acquaintances, the kind that like to sell things. My kind don’t do the selling thing and when we do, we don’t do it well. I remember a friend of mine who ‘sold’ pottery so he could buy fancy paints. His method:

Buy a pot.” This while hopping up and down with excitement.

I don’t have any money.”

That’s okay. Do you like my pot?”

It’s very nice.”

Okay. It’s yours.” Runs off, happy someone liked his pot.

I go back to Aud. Maybe if I bug her enough. Or maybe I just need to find time. Or —____


Pawnee Kitty just ran out the door. She heard the word ‘ice cream’ from somewhere outside. I think she needs a longer attention span. Like sheep. We ruminate very well and think things while we sit in our pasture.

Angus. McSheep.

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Beginnings II

I began a story. After about a quarter of page, I stopped. I did not care about my character. I had thought of a cool name too – Matilda Louisa Mendoza. A good character needs a good name, but this was no good character and my stories are very character driven. My characters often appear before the story does and some times I’ll write down anything something until an idea solidifies and the story kicks in.

For this story I did have an idea. Teacher has students find pen pals. Everyone gets exciting pen pals from all around the world and Matilda gets a boring one, one that is rather strange. It turns out the pen pal is an alien from another planet. This is, of course, a children’s book. I still like the idea, I just don’t like the execution yet and I have find to a way to make my character more interesting to me.

Maybe I’ll just need to let this simmer a bit in my brain and work on something else. Angus is standing here, hooves on hips. He has a letter to Hamish that needs to be written. He has several in fact. Pawnee is fine. She is working on another trip journal.

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Dear Hamish,

Thank you for your letter. I always enjoy reading what has happened at home. Like a newspaper it is. I am sorry to hear about your tam. Perhaps if you tried stuffing it with towels it will get larger. I dinna did know it would shrink. Trust the twins to find a way. On the other hand, it may not be your tam after all. Our wool, as you know, doesna shrink. Or so I thought.

Writing of wool, I fear for the quality of mine. Tis the weather I am sure, but sometimes in the dead of night I think it may be due to me sunburn over the summer. I keep remembering poor Thistle and what happened to her wool after a bee stung her. Many a sheep fainted at the sight and she ended up staying inside until the red and the swelling went away. You dinna see her, but I did. It was frightening. Please don’t tell her I said so.

Me wool is not coming in thick and fluffy this year. The weather here in the colonies have been of a much warmer nature than before. Global warming I am sure is the cause of it all. Every one must dash about in their motorcar all by themselves and to go only less than a mile down the road. The person walks as much as she can, but since she must visit her poor mum every week, she utilizes quite a bit of petrol. Tis almost as far as from the pasture to Edinburgh she goes. Aye.

It’s not been cold atall. Barely brisk has it been when it is, I go out and walk around telling me wool to grow long and healthy. How embarrassing it will be to send only a small package to me grandmother come spring. And Mum said the twins had a fine growth of wool this year. It won’t do atall for me to come short. Pawnee Kitty plays ‘healing’ pipe music to invigorate the wool follicles. I have hidden the CD so she dinna can play it no more.


That is all for now,

Your friend,

Angus. McSheep.

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I finished a story and am about to embark on a new one. There’s no real idea brewing in my head and I have only a blank screen to look at. Part of me is excited; I’m going to create something new. Part of me apprehensive; what will I write about?

I’ve been thinking of this and that. A children’s book? Science Fiction? Something about a news article I read? There are so many possibilities out there, so much to write about about. But what if I have a great start and the idea conks out after twenty pages? What if I get bored with it.

But, what if I don’t start? I’ll never know what will happen then, will I?

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