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Not too long ago I wrote about my experiment, writing a book, but then writing scenes that would appear later in the book because I didn’t want to lose the scene.  I wondered if it would work or, more importantly, I’d get bored because I wrote the ‘best’ bits first and then had to come up with the fillers.

Well, it ain’t so.  I find myself much more focused and now have goals to reach, the next section I’d written ahead.  This could be a message that I need to outline my stories better, only one never knows with stories, they twist and change and what you thought might happen at the very beginning of the story is not at all what happens in the end.

The pieces I write ahead are not usually that far ahead, maybe a chapter or two.  I did write one or more crucial scenes, ‘fun’ scenes, but I find myself thinking of changing them and that’s okay.  I might incorporate bits and pieces elsewhere, after all this is only the first draft and there is much to edit.

Will I do this again.  I think so, although I find it easier to this when I’m writing in a notebook then on a computer.


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I had this great story idea last week.  I came up with it while driving to my mom’s for the weekend.  Kind of like the TV show Primeval set in a high school.  I got quite invigorated at the idea and couldn’t wait to start to write it.  In my head I had written the first paragraph several times.

I got some free minutes.  I’m at a computer.  I start writing.  It’s all horrible.  I can’t remember what my original first sentence was anymore.  I can’t remember exactly what the first paragraph was supposed to be.  First person?  Third person?  The person who knows what’s going on, should it be a student?  A teacher?  The librarian?  My half page turned out to be a disaster that needed deleting, needed to be burned.

So much for my great idea.

It’s not the first time it’s happened.  I get this fantastic idea and it all goes to pot.  I think what happens is that the idea unfolds out in my mind, but I know I have to change some things and that kind of kills it.  Still, I’ll keep it in my head, maybe write the idea down and one day, one day in the future, things will jell and it’ll all work out.

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New Year, New Goals

Okay, so some of these are old goals, but maybe this year I’ll surpass them.

One goal is to post more to my blog.  I would also like to update it and add more than just posts.  This will first mean that I be more prepared to load something, a post, picture, etc, before I log on.  Lately I’ve been writing on the fly.  Find Wi-Fi point, remember to take netbook, find time to get to Wi-Fi, hope it’s a fast connection, log on, get in, quick write what’s in my head.

If I came more prepared I could back up some of the statements I want to write.  If I said I read this particular article, I want to give the title and author and where I found it.  If I have a statistic or a figure, I want to be able to give the statistic or figure and not an estimate and (underline and) state where I got it from.  Also, it won’t sound like I’m floundering.

I’ve been wanting to write more book reviews.  I’ve read some pretty good books lately and some duds, but by the time I get around to writing them the book has already been returned to the library and I only half remember the author or title.

I was going to write more goals, but I’ll wait for now.  First let me get going with this one.  Also, first let me finish up all my Christmas cards.  When I have that out of the way, I’ll probably feel better about accomplishing this goal.

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