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Peak by Roland Smith

I have to admit I was kind of iffy on this one. I saw it at the public library and picked it up thinking it might be okay. It was better than that.

After fourteen-year-old Peak is arrested for climbing a skyscraper, his parents get him out of a long jail sentence and fine by having him go with his father to Asia where his father, a mountain climber, takes him to Nepal and to Mount Everest where he wants to son to be the youngest to climb the mountain. The reason why I thought I might not like it was because I don’t care much for mountain climbing, but I ended up enjoying it after all.  While I had read articles  on Mount Everest nowhere did it illustrate so vividly how the climber’s tents looked like – like a mini tent city.  Mr. Smith really gave me a feeling of being there and gave me an insight of what it is like to be a mountain climber.  The dangers Peak encounter, nature and man made add to the adventure.

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Dear Hamish,

I was glad to get your last letter. I am sorry to hear the twins painted your hooves. Did they use nail polish or paint? Nail polish will chip off. Paint is harder to remove. I had to wear something over me hooves when they painted one pink and the other green. You’ll have a right holiday with them gone a week or two. Grand-da didn’t say how long he’ll be on the road with them.

You’ll have heard about me holiday. It was not for a timid sheep like meself. Bears! Scorpions! Snakes! I ran out of paperbags to hyperventilate in. And that Pawnee Kitty was no help to anyone, but herself. She wanted to see a bear! She wanted to grill a snake! She wanted to use me as bait!! Fortunately the person heard the last one and gave her a stern warning. There’ll be no using Angus. McSheep. as bait, she said. Never.

I was scared to put a hoof out the door with all Pawnee’s talk of bears. Then I was scared to go anywhere inside after the nephew was stung by the scorpion! Getting out of his sleeping sack he was too and then stung by the evil beast. The ranger came with medicine and talked more of bears, how they’ll come right up to the cottage and eat the blueberries!

And the pox! I must mention the pox! The person became right dotted with it. She thinks it was an insect biting her, but no one else got bit, nary a one. Why would it only bite her and not us?

And my sunburn! I had fallen asleep in the motorcar and got one. Of course, Pawnee had to help by rolling me in a concoction of oatmeal and milk and set me in a bowl. I was sure she would eat me! Especially when she stirred everything up. The oatmeal tasted quite good though.

The horrors I endured were never ending. I nearly drowned in a puddle. I am sure I saw a snake in the water of the loch. There are even dangerous turtles here! Snapping turtles they are called. What my wool will look like this year I do not know. You remember Thistle. She got sunburn and stung by a bee and her wool was never the same. I couldna bear it if me wool grows all wrong. How will I meet a decent ewe? Or any potential sweeties for that matter? ‘Tis hard enough now with not a single Scottish Miniature Sheep for thousands of miles ’round and now? If they hear of me wool problem? A disaster.

The fruities here are very good. I will send pictures of me rambling in the mountains.

Your’s, most traumatized,

Angus. McSheep.

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Dear Mum, Da, and Twins, and everyone else.

I hope this letter finds you all well. I am well. I hope the twins are having a nice holiday of their own with Grand-da.

I had me a lovely holiday in the highlands of South Carolina. We even drove through a village named Highlands ‘though it was not like the villages we know. All the houses are spread out. ‘Tis more like the road with farm houses off it.

I saw a few pastures, but no sheep. Only cows, horses and a few goats. I did not get to sample the local grasses. Was too close to the road anyhow and, you know, how that grass tastes. None to pleasant. I did taste a few items near the holiday cottage. It’s not mountain hay or pasture grass, but good plus there was much fruities such as watermelon and blueberries and peaches. There were even blueberry bushes by the holiday cottage! All tasty.

The cottage was quite nice, new it was and big with a screened in porch. You need the screens so the persons don’t get bit by mosquitoes. I rocked in a rocking chair and swung on the swing seat. Aye, even a picnic table they had in it. I shall build a screen in porch for one me crofts I sell.

I saw waterfalls and a covered bridge, and had a ride in a kayak. I learned that there are no natural lochs in South Carolina. Aye, nary a one. They are all man made. I have sent a postcard to the farmer. It may not fit in the door of the croft, but maybe you can put it in the barn. Will send a picture soon too.

Your son

Wee Angus.

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9 August 2011

This is the second time I’m writing this post. The first one disappeared in the miasma that is the Internet. Darn.

My posts over the summer were not not what I wished. Internet access was not at a premium. Nonexistent is pretty much the word. School started last week and I hoped to upload to my blog only to find it is blocked. All blogs and forums are blocked which will limit my being able to work on computer troubleshooting. My method was: poke, have I encountered this problem before?, browse Internet for a solution. Now I will have to contact the IT person and wait a few days.

My writing is going well. I’ve nearly finished the first draft of my middle grade story. It will need some revision. My young adult story is half way through. I write on it in the mornings before I go to work.

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9 August 2011

I am back after a longer, much longer, interval than I wanted.  At school they have blocked all forums and blog.  I used them quite a bit to troubleshoot computer problems seeing as I do get any formal training on this.  It’s poke, have I seen this problem before, scratch my head, and head to the Internet for a solution.  Now it’s call it’s poke, have I seen it before, call the IT person and wait a few days.  Bummer.

At school I’d only upload my posts, hence the lack of cool apps attached to this.  One day I will get Internet for home, but it’s still to expensive for me right now.

Still I hope to update my blog at least once a week from now on.  I’ll make a stop at my local library and use my trusty netbook.

What’s new right now?  I am still writing.  I’m close to finishing the first draft of a middle grade story and halfway through a young adult action story.  When I’ll learn just to concentrate on one story at a time I don’t know.  One story is on the netbook and the other is my morning story and in a notebook.  I can’t bring myself to look at a bright light in the morning.

I’ve read a number of books over the summer and will write about them.  I have several Angus and Pawnee Kitty posts finished and will gradually upload them.

Until next time


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