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Dear Hamish,

Thank you for your prezzie.  I put on the shirt right away.  It’s bonny! I’m glad you like your beachwear.  I thought it would come in handy and Pawnee Kitty fears we sheep will get skin cancer if we don’t cover ourselves after being shorn.  I am sorry to hear about your nose.  The twins thought tennis would be a viable sports alternative though no pasture and not the school have a tennis court.  Do you know what they were using as rackets?

Speaking of noses, I have become the head coach of a bunny football league.  There are six clubs: The Buns, The Hop-A-Lots, The Twitchy Tails, The Bunnies, The Rabbit’s Foot, and the Coffee Beans.  When Pawnee first came in, dragging the one bunny, I thought I would be coaching only one team, but when I arrived at the pitch, there were a nearly a thousand bunnies.  I had to call Pawnee Kitty up right away.

Me: There are a thousand bunnies here.

PK:  So?

Me: There are a thousand bunnies here.

PK: And?

Me: There are a thousand bunnies here.

I finally learned that not all bunnies were participating.  There were wee bairn bunnies, teen bunnies, parent bunnies, grandparent bunnies, etc.  Only the teen bunnies were going to play and not all.  There were a hundred of those.  I thought I’d only coach one club now I have to teach a hundred odd bunnies how to play proper football. Just so you know, there are bunnies bigger than me.   I had to call Pawnee Kitty up.

Me:  I have to coach a hundred bunnies?

PK: And?

Me: There are a hundred bunnies.

PK: You like football.  And no skunk babies.

You remember skunk baby, our goal keeper.  No one would play the team because when she got she’d lift her tail and perfume everyone.  She got upset a lot.

The bunnies thought for sure I’d coach them.  That Pawnee Kitty! She made them think so and I haddna said atall I would.  I called her up again.

Me: You’re helping me.

PK: Me?

Me: Aye.

PK: But…

Me: You got me in this mess, you’re helping me.

PK: But you like football.

Me: I can’t coach a hundred bunnies.  And one just thumped me tam off me head.

So now in the mornings, when it’s cool still, we go to the pitch and practice.  I can’t say much yet, but these bunnies have to be taught to kick softer not harder. They keep kicking the ball out of bounds.  Some may or may not have good aims.  They keep hitting Pawnee in the tail section and me tam off me head.  Will write more and send pictures.


Your friend, wilting in the heat,


Angus.  McSheep.


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This week during my massive clean up effort in which I’m going through every corner and every drawer, I pulled out a folder with unfinished stories.  I first meant to glance over them and cull out the bad ones, but then I found I had to sit and read them.  I really need to start writing larger and more legibly.

Some pieces were one page starters with just a glimmer of what may have come.  I chucked some of those out.  They were either boring me or I couldn’t figure out where I’d been going with the story.  One had been scribbled on a note pad and left me wondering: what the heck was I thinking.  It was something about a horse and a jockey and some lady trying to stop the two.  I must have been in my Dick Francis stage then.  I tossed that one; what do I know about horses or horse racing and do I want to learn all I need to know?

Next came the longer pieces, several pages written in teeny letters.  I am so totally revising the way I write.  I can’t read but so many pages and then my eyeballs start complaining.   A few I wish had endings.  Not because I forget where I’d been going, but more because I’d like to read what happened.  Now. 

One piece I read may turn into a short story (or a short novella depending on how long it translates to in a word processor).   I might change a few things because there’s a bit like a story I’ve already written.

I’m hoping to find some stories I’ve been looking for and been wanting to finish.  I already found one complete story that I thought I lost.  Now there is only one more story to find and I know I’ve seen it somewhere.  

One day I’m going to type these pieces in the computer along with my unfinished and finished Christmas stories.  They’ll be there for when I’m having writer’s block and can’t think of anything new to start.  One of them is bound to get my brain cells firing up again.

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