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Hello world!

Well.  I hadn’t anticipated creating my blog today, but I did.  I thought: It’s now or …. a couple of weeks later.  Maybe during spring break.  Or maybe summer break.  Or….

So, I created my blog.   And immediately got horrified.  Is that what’s going to look like?  Blah heading?  Blah title thing?  All blah!  How do I cancel?  I want my money back!   (except I didn’t pay anything so good luck on that.)

Thank goodness for the Help feature.  Went in and recreated my page.  No more blah.  Then!  Hey I can put my picture in on top.  Cool.  That’s what I wanted anyway.  I spend all week finding the right pictures and merged them together and did a little artsy stuff to it and THAT’s what I wanted on top.  And that’s what I got.

Now all I have to do is figure out to make the title Aud’s Odd’s Blog.

Now.  The purpose of my blog.  I write.  I have written for years.  I’ve always wanted to be published.  My goal is get a submission package out this year.  I’ve got the manuscript.  I’ve gotten it critiqued.  Now I have to polish up my story, and send it out into the world. 

The stories I have written are a mix of children’s, young adult, and adult (that is, for older folks, not that it has, ahem ‘adult’ content.)  I love science fiction, but I’ve written mysteries, westerns, and fantasy (although I hadn’t known it was fantasy at the time, I  just like superheroes).  The story I’m sending out in the world is a science fiction book for young adults.  It’s set in a giant cave system.


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